#1st trainable AI assistant for work

Think of Instaminutes as the ChatGPT which you can train & fine-tune for your customer facing teams, plus it’s connected to all your work apps – to help you summarize your meetings, emails, update CRMs & do much more automatically.

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Summarize meetings, emails & more

Get smartest summary & intelligence from all your meetings, emails & slack conversations at 1 place

Get game-changing insights during the call

You need anything from your last meetings notes, emails, CRM or even company database, just ask Instaminutes & it will give you the most summarized version of the answer right away.

Update CRMs, docs, automatically

Got the next steps from your customer calls, just ask the AI assistant to update it to CRM, Google Docs, Drive, company database or even send email about it automatically.

Make MIS reports in just a command 

You did great this week & now it’s time to let your manager know about your progress. Just ask AI assistant & it will prepare your daily, weekly or monthly reports in minutes.

It’s fully secured

Even we can’t see or listen anything

Your recordings and meeting notes are stored in cloud with state of the art encryption technology. Only you can access it.

AWS Certified

AES EncryptionTwo

SSL Encryption

Connect & train AI

across all your work & meeting tools

1st trainable AI assistant for work

Train & fine-tune ChatGPT while you are getting everything done to

make your AI assistant smarter everyday

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