It’s how you use ChatGPT4 for minutes taking

Do you spend 5+ hours a week in meetings & it’s hard to remember key points? No worries, Instaminutes helps you train & optimize ChatGPT4 to summarize your calls and minutes taking.

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It's how you get a meeting transcript in 1 click

Keep track of what’s important

Get smart summary & intelligence from day 1, & Instaminutes will help you keep optimizing ChatGPT4 for your work as you use more.

Become smarter everyday

The ChatGPT4 AI assistant will be learning how you do meetings & work. Let the smartest assistant help you think, plan & act with game changer recommendations.

It's how you get the best aesthetic notes in 1 click
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Turn meetings into an easy workflow

Share next steps, QnA, ideas, & other key events with your team via Slack, email or 50+ integrations in just few clicks.

It’s fully secured

Even we can’t see or listen anything

Your recordings and meeting notes are stored in cloud with state of the art encryption technology. Only you can access it.

AWS Certified

AES EncryptionTwo

SSL Encryption

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Making Work & Meeting Life Easier

It's how you use ChatGPT4 for minutes taking

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