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Top 5 free audio transcription software. A quick comparison

We understand you are already quite busy and your calendar is packed with lots of meetings. But that’s the reason you are here, right?

You’re looking for the best free audio transcription software. Don’t worry, to help you out, we did the legwork for you. Listing all the top 5 free audio transcription software and a quick comparison so that you get the best tool in the market without burning your business budget.

Well, every tool in this list records and transcribes your calls, but they all have some additional benefits to attract different types of users. 

So, we used key unique value propositions offered by the software, the product’s advanced features, ease of setup, and pricing to create this list.  

Let’s jump to it quickly.

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Starts at $12/month

Key features of the app:

What it does – Instaminutes tops our list because it’s much more than a transcription tool. It’s the only tool in the market that gives the most summarized version of your hour-long calls and provides pattern intelligence.

Using pattern recognition from customer calls, businesses get to learn what their customers loved or were concerned about during the call. In simple words, you get to know what happened in 10 or 100 call recordings just by looking at one single dashboard. You don’t need to listen to recordings or read lengthy transcripts.  

Unique features – Key features that keep Instaminutes unique are pattern intelligence, advanced view of call summary, automated key event detection, and topic intelligence. Plus, the only tool where you get to train AI for you.  

Best suited for – Instaminutes is suited for tech SMBs who want to understand their customers better and grow their business with additional intelligence. Key use cases are sales calls, user interviews, client calls, customer success calls, or internal recurrent team meetings. 

How to get started – It’s simple to get started with Instaminutes. Just sign up and get their desktop app to record your meetings or they provide a quick demo to help you get started.

Free trial – Offer 14 days free trial for intelligence and pro versions with the basic version free forever.


Starts at $ 299/month (estimated)

Key features of the app:

What it does – Gong is second on our list since it’s also a tool that offers more than just transcription. It records and transcribes customer conversations and provides some level of intelligence for individual calls. It also gives a summary of the call. But it’s quite expensive, they don’t even mention the price on their page. We talked to a few of their users to get the number.   

Unique features – Key features that set Gong different are their sales pipeline setup and individual call intelligence.   

Best suited for – Gong is designed for conventional sales teams of big enterprises where tracking sales pipeline is more important than understanding customers. 

How to get started – You can’t get started with Gong yourself. You need to book a demo call and their team will get on a call to set up your account and get you started. 

Free trial – No free version, you need to get custom pricing from their sales team and can request a free trial.


Starts at $10/month

Key features of the app:

What it does– Fireflies is a meeting assistant tool. It joins your meetings, records, and transcribes them. Their main feature is their notetaker which can join your meetings, and after the meeting, it shares the link for transcription.

Unique features – With the ability to the transcript, fireflies provide you with sharing options via multiple integrations. You can also create soundbites of an important part of recordings and share them with your team.

Best suited for – Fireflies is best suited for students and people who need transcription, each and every word spoken during the meeting or class.  

How to get started – It takes 2-3 steps to get started with Fireflies. After setting up an account with Fireflies, you need to add your calendar and invite a notetaker to your meetings.

Free trial – Offer 14 days free trial for the premium version with the basic version free forever.


Starts at $8.33/month

Key features of the app:

What it does – Otter is another meeting assistant tool. Fireflies and Otter are quite similar. The key difference is Otter records and transcribes your meeting via the desktop app rather than a notetaker. Otter also gives a basic summary of the transcript with its higher business version.

Unique features – Otter provides you transcripts of your meetings and recording with the ability to edit and share them. It also gives you real-time transcription in higher business versions so you can see what’s going on.

Best suited for – Otter is currently famous among academic people. With that said, the features they offer can be used by anyone who wants live transcription of meetings, conferences, and classes.

How to get started – It takes 2-3 steps to get started with Otter. After setting up an account with Otter, you need to download the app. While you are in a meeting, you can start the app to record.

Free trial – Offer 14 days free trial for the premium version with the basic version free forever.


Starts at $0.79/minute

Key features of the app:

What it does – TranscribeMe is a basic meeting transcription software. It’s a partially automated solution with processing that might take some time and a decent range of online editing options that are provided by TranscribeMe. It charges for every minute unlike a fixed price for the month like other tools in this list.

Unique features – Features are scarce at TranscribeMe, but what they do offer is different from what it does for transcriptions. It offers transcription of audio and a few options for how you want to do it.

Best suited for – TranscribeMe is good for people who already have recorded audio. You can use it for meetings that are already recorded or use its API. Not many integration options are there and this makes the job harder for users to get the transcription fast as needed in business scenarios.

How to get started – It takes 2-3 steps to get started with TranscribeMe. After signing up, you need to upload your recording to get it transcribed, unlike all other tools in this list who gives upload along with other options to get transcription fast.

Free trial – No free trial, you need to pay per minute cost as per your recording length.

Why Instaminutes is better among all hear directly from our users

Instaminutes offers the power to see the pattern across meetings

We provide you both a recap of each session as well as pattern intelligence that highlights key topics from every conversation- allowing you to cross-reference whether other clients are having the same problems to help you better understand and target your audience.

Why growing teams are making the switch to Instaminutes

Instaminutes offers the best value for growing teams

Sky is no limit

Instaminutes offers the best value for growing teams

We offer all the above intelligence with plans just starting at $12 per month, making Instaminutes a no-brainer for growing teams looking for the best transcription + conversational intelligence tool. No hidden setup costs, no minimum seat requirement, and no charges. What you see is what you pay.

Train your AI

Conversational Intelligence is great, but what if you could train AI by yourself?

Other tools just transcribe your meetings, nothing is optimized as per you and your business. With Instaminutes, you add key topics to train AI to make better summaries and find key strategic patterns across all the conversations you & your team are having.

Conversational Intelligence is great, but what if you could train AI by yourself?
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